I mean basically


I mean basically

Names for Nabulungi used by Cunningham


A compilation

Adele Dazeem [x, x]

Babba Gamba

Bazinga [x]

Black Friday (on Black Friday!)



Hock a loogie (Jared on tour and in London)


Jamiroquai (thanks for the reminder, Vera!)

Jon Bon Jovi

Knickerbocker Glory


Naba Blackhawks [x]

Naba-governmentshutdown (Ben Platt at his final matinee in Chicago)

Naba Jamba (possibly the same as Namba Jamba?)

Naba Ja Pumbi

Naba La Bamba

Naba Jamba Juice

Naba New Year (AJ, on New Years Day, 2014)




Nabulungi (Will, hopefully by mistake - thanks, takeintoaccount for this one!) (Jared claims he has never called Nabulungi by her real name… ooooh controversy!)

Nacho cheese dogs

Nachos Del Grande

Nagasaki [x]

Nakatomi Plaza [x]

Nala [x]

Namba Gamba

Namba Jamba

Nancy Drew [x]

Nancy Pelosi


Nanny McPhee

Napa Valley (Jared, first preview in San Francisco!)


Narnia [x]

Nasonex [x]

Nathan Lane [x, x]

National Football League (Superbowl Night, 2013)

Nativity Scene

Nat King Cole


Necrophilia [x]

Nectar Card

Neil Diamond

Neil Patrick Harris [x]

Neiman Marcus

Nelly Broadway

Nelly Furtada

Nelly Furtado

Nelly the Elephant

Neosporin [x]


Nestle Crunch [x]


Neutrogena [x]

New Orleans Saints [x]

Newt Gingrich [x]

New Year’s Day

New Year’s Eve (New Year’s Eve, 2013, by Jared)

New York Giants

Next to Normal

Nicholas Cage

Nick at Night

Nick Clegg (David O’Reilly)


Nicki Minaj

Nicoderm CQ (tour)

Nicole Kidman (Chris O’Neill in Des Moines)

Nicollet Mall (Chris O’Neill in Minneapolis) [x]

Nicotene Patch

Nic Rouleau (Will, at Nic’s final performance on Broadway)

Nigella Lawson (Jared in London)

Nikki M. James (Josh’s final name for Nabulungi)

Nintendo 64

Nintendo Wii

Nipple Cream (Brian Sears’ favorite! But quite possibly Nikki’s least favorite!) [x, x, x]

Nissan Maxima (Jared in LA)

Nissan Sentra

Nomar Garciaparra (Chris in Boston)


Nora Batty

Nordstrom [x]

Nordstrom Rack [x]

Notorious B.I.G.

Notting Hill [x]

Not watching the Super Bowl [x]

Noxema [x]

Nurofen (a type of pain relief medication)

Nutella [x]



Rosh Hashanah Holiday [x]


Sharon [x]

Shia LeBeouf

Last updated 6/29/14 - Thanks to those who submitted more names! Honestly though, I don’t know why I still bother if people are just going to keep copying this list and reposting it without any attribution

Sometimes I like to pretend that all of the Cunnghams, past and present, have a google doc titled “Nabulungi names” that they log into every night and share with each other.

Added fact: Did you know that Nabulungi’s name means “Beautiful”?

last night Cody Jamison Strand used Jon Bon Jovi, Neosporin, Neutrogena, Necrophilia, Nintendo 64, and Nala. :)



Anyone in and around the Chicago area. Please attend ‘Chris Vicious: Champion of the World (a new musical)’. It seems that Chris is in fact a girl (imagine that). We have been asking for a female lead in a Starkid production. This isn’t exactly Starkid related but people showing up to this…

Daniel’s been working on this for a while, and I’m super stoked about it! If you’re in Chicago, really consider going to this reading tomorrow night. See where the piece is at in development, offer some feedback, and show Daniel that you want him to mount a full production of it!

everyone go to this!!


Here it is!!!!! “Circle Time,” my contribution to the new Lodge zine!!! Phase Three!!!

This story right here is the test run for a graphic novel about middle school that I’ve been kicking around for a while. It’s a big project, so don’t hold your breath, but Ms. Anchovy WILL return someday…

AJ Holmes - Making Things Up Again
236 plays


july 5, 2014 matinee - detroit opera house (my master)

AJ Holmes - Man Up
258 plays


july 5, 2014 matinee - detroit opera house (my master)


Photos from Dallas Theatre Center’s Les Miserables which opened tonight. I had the pleasure of getting to see this innovative reimagining of the classic musical. It was so amazing. I will write a more in depth post on my thoughts later when I’m not so tired, but for now: the show was amazing! See it if you get the opportunity!

KJ Hippensteel & AJ Holmes - You and Me (But Mostly Me)
90 plays


july 5, 2014 matinee - detroit opera house (my master)

2/10 lyrics: 
At twenty-one, a girl begins
to grasp the world and how it spins.
She grabs a box of safety pins
and builds herself a home.

1/1 thing you love most about bridges: the fact that Jason Robert Brown wrote a musical for Kelli O’Hara
“Jason Robert Brown promised to write something for me, which is difficult, because I want to sing operatically sometimes, but I’m still a musical-theater person. Somehow, he found those two worlds and gave me this voice that still goes along with the earthy tones of the other actors in this musical. It’s as if he created magic. It just flows out of me like something I was meant to sing.” [x]